Mountain Room

nursery toddler room painted mountains scenery

It’s been an expensive couple of weeks. We had to get James a new big-kid bed (he calls it his “cool bed” – that’s its canopy in the foreground), we ordered 5 ceiling fans (one for each bedroom & one for front room), a whole lotta paint and a bunch of other smaller projects that just add up quickly (electrical, vent covers, new attic entry cover, etc). We painted mountains in his room using the same mixing method as the trees (see previous post), and we used the same wall color in both rooms. This helps the house have some “unity” but also saved us from buying another gallon. I used this pin as a loose reference when I was taping the mountains off. I rolled them as close as I could then Chris went in and tidied them up & connected the lines. Some (or all?) of them will probably get snow-capped at some point (we might also rough up the edges to make them less cartoony), but I’m satisfied calling it “done” for now. James room is almost the first *complete* room in our house – I just need to fix the dimmer and get a flooring transition strip down. The nursery isn’t far behind but it has more electrical that I want to play with (we’re getting rid of the ancient ugly almond stuff thats throughout the entire house and switching to white).


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