Forest Room

nursery toddler room painted forest scenery

We almost have the nursery all put together & ready for the little one. This room was ghastly painted in Ohio State colors when we bought it, but the combination of glowing scarlet walls (you can see a tiny speck by the uncovered outlet) & gray trim did nothing for us. We’d browsed Pinterest for a while and I believe this pin was the inspiration for it (I’m not sure which one Chris was looking at when she taped it off – but she wanted more of a “rolling hills” look). I rolled out the basic hill shapes when I was doing the wall painting, but Chris & her mom did all the tree work. For the paint we picked a wall color and an accent color, then used mason jars to mix the 2 other colors ourselves. The “furthest” wave of trees is 2/3 wall color and 1/3 accent color, then the middle wave is the reverse. Mixing it ourselves eliminated the frustration of trying to find perfect “in-between” colors at Home Depot.

Honestly the mural makes me a little nostalgic about being in Athens in the fall (it’s the start of the Appalachia region, and is basically surrounded by Wayne National Forest), which then makes me realize that with the baby coming, we probably aren’t going to get to see much of fall this year. I just google image searched “Wayne National Forest autumn” & James glanced at the screen and said “wowww.”


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