Blood Rage -Sea Serpent

cool mini or not cmon painting blood rage adrian smith sea serpent

We have some minature painting stuff from when we were getting into Warmachine / Hordes a few years ago (before we had James). Painting the figures was something that I did to stay awake to give James his middle-of-the-night feeding (then Chris would do the first-thing-in-the-morning feeding and we both get pretty normal amounts of sleep). As James got bigger, it was harder to invest the time into it, then as he became mobile, the idea of trying to play a game with tons of fragile pieces over a large play area became less & less realistic.

I’d been missing the painting aspect of WarmaHordes lately, but we still don’t really play it, and most of what we have is painted at this point. We also have a number of board games that come with monsters and/or characters, that are usually just generic plastic. Blood Rage is one of those games. It’s sort of like Risk on steroids and with power ups, with a Ragnarok setting. As an added bonus, the artist is one I liked from back when I played Magic: the Gathering in middle school. For whatever reason I decided that this would be the first (board) game that I would attempt to paint (after grabbing a WarmaHordes model & trying to touch it up and shake some of the rust off my painting ability).

This is the Sea Serpent monster, for reference the base is about 1 3/4″ across, and was the first one I painted. I didn’t file any of the flashing (extra plastic from the mold) off of this one and it shows in a few areas (several teeth have “balls” at the top & don’t come to a point, and several tentacles kinda have a “fin” along an edge). I’m trying to keep the color palette to match the art on the corresponding game card.


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