Picked a Peck of Pickles

homemade lacto fermented pickles dill pickling spice

Pickles. So many pickles. I’ve been trying to casually eat several a day, but they’re still growing faster than they’re being eaten. They’ll keep in the fridge long term, but I was hoping to not have to dedicate an entire shelf to them. I’ve been spicing batches differently – some with more of an African pickling spice mix, some classic dill, some spicy, etc, but they all end up together in these bins. You can tell by looking (more yellow.. it’s stained under my fingernails) that the top & bottom left containers have turmeric, while the most of the pickles in the container on the right do not (some are still greenish). Again, some are partially frozen due to fridge being weird lately. They all taste wonderful, and we’ve only lost one batch to mold so far (entire jar developed this half-set-jello consistency), but there’s also plenty more cucumbers growing out in the garden. I’m still getting about 2 quarts worth every other day. I’ve cut back on the other stuff lately though so that the pickles get the airlock lids & weights to themselves (I only have 3 lids & 4 weights), to help reduce risk of mold. I’ve found that the “spear” cut on them helps them ferment quickly, but also helps pack a jar tightly, whereas slices can sometimes get around the weights & float to the top, and whole pickles just don’t pack well / leave too many gaps & take too long.


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