Carrots, Onions, Kraut

homemade lacto fermented carrots kraut onions

I’m also pretty excited about these. The ginger carrots don’t have a super strong carrot taste anymore, and texturally have kinda become like a thick, super crunchy pickle slice, that’s also a ginger bomb. Super flavorful, but I won’t do more than a small handful in one go. I’ve discovered that adding any amount of turmeric to anything makes it glow a neon yellow and stains your skin on contact. I wanted to try making pickled red onions after having some on my lunch at Piada a couple weeks ago.

The recipes I found were all simple enough (onions, salt, water), but NONE of them warned about the SMELL. The smell of fermenting onion flooded our entire front room. My 7 month pregnant wife claims she could smell it all the way back in our bedroom (basically furthest possible place from it). My step-brother took a whiff, promptly went to the bathroom, and I heard a toilet flush. He now doesn’t even like me mentioning them around him (though he’s not the biggest onion fan to begin with). Switching to one of the airlock lids definitely helped (when I first made them it was just a coffee filter, since I was basically out of jars & lids & weights because everything was going at once). Once they were done & got moved to the fridge the smell died off even more. They taste great. But the smell is potent. Consider this a PSA.


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