Homemade Hot Sauces

homemade lacto fermented hot sauce pineapple sundried tomato ginger carrot habanero

These are probably my favorite thing in the fridge right now. After my test batch of hot sauce was a success (& quickly vanished), I decided I wanted to make a few different ones, with hopes that they might last more than a week. I went on a binge of watching some Hot Ones episodes a few weeks back, and they made an episode about making hot sauce, so some of these are inspired by the recipes in that episode, however, I did not add vinegar to mine, opting instead to lactose ferment them.

Top is a sun-dried tomato/ onion one, that’s more or less a hot salsa. Bottom right is ginger carrot. Bottom left is grilled pineapple. I used habanero as the pepper in all three (12 peppers per quart). They have more of a paste consistency than a sauce consistency, which i could change by adding more water, but having it a little thicker makes it easier to spoon out (plus I don’t want to water them down). It would probably help if we had a blender (with an actual “liquify” setting), instead of just a food processor, but like I said, I don’t really care about consistency. I was aiming for taste.


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