Project Day

pallet planter DIY reclaimed wood project

I *wanted* to work on tile today, but the tile didn’t want to cooperate. I almost finished the back wall of shower tile, but the ones that were up were trying to sag too much so I really wanted them to set in place before I tried to add too many others. Conveniently, I had made just enough mortar to do the tiles that I had cut. So, I switched to the pallet project after not touching it for a while. After playing with some math, looking at how much of each size plank I had, etc, I decided on 18″ high and about 2.5’x4′. I was able to get this assembled and in place, and a first layer of dirt in it before the sky opened up. Now we’re basically out of natural light anyways, so I guess I’m done for the day. It doesn’t look like much for 8 hours of work. Now we need to figure out what we want to plant in it (& what will actually fit). 

The gender reveal party was last weekend, so people know that boy #2 is coming (now we just have to think of a name). James was silly in Dairy Queen last night – we had walked there for dinner & a snack, with the intention of taking James to the splash pad after, but it ended up being too late by the time we left. While we were eating, James was winding down & starting to play with his food. He took his tiny stuffed tiger & was pretending to feed it the last of his chicken strip, except he was calling it a fox (he can’t pronounce the “x” sound yet), so we had James exclaiming “yummy fuck!” and “fuck yummy!” in the middle of DQ’s dinner rush. Today Chris walked James to the nearby park while I worked on the house, and Matt was off helping our parents empty their storage unit/ get settled in their apartment, so it was just Kaylee & me at home. At least one wrist is angry at me now. Hopefully that doesn’t last too long.


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