Running Wild

dog kaylee running playtime wet grass puppy.jpg

Motion grab of Kaylee running through the yard after the grass seed (round 1 for the backyard) came in. The new grass doesn’t match the old grass at all, but you can’t really tell with it freshly cut. Hopefully more rain is on the way, so we can see how the yard is doing with drainage now (the new grass should help even more). 

5 days later and the pallets are completely disassembled with the nails removed. The next step is inventorying how much of each size we have and deciding on a plan for the planters. That won’t be until after this weekend – tomorrow I need to condense the wood up & sweep up the nails so that it’s safe to park a car in the carport for the weekend, for our gender reveal party.

I was also able to fix the hall bathroom door so that it doesn’t stick. Lately, I’ve felt exhausted, with my entire body sore, no matter how much sleep I’ve gotten. I’ve been consistently way over on my step count lately, though my waistline doesn’t show it. Several little things have just been adding up to make it feel like I’m not making progress with anything. It seems silly, but it’s just been a little harder to feel motivated lately.

I checked on my latest batch of pickles (my first attempt at doing whole pickles) and they were HOLLOW. The outside layer was still perfectly crunchy, and they tasted almost exactly how I wanted them to, but they were completely hollow. It reminded me of going to Arby’s to order mozzarella sticks and you bite into one that’s just a shell. Apparently hollow pickles either mean that- they were fermented more than 24 hours after picking (they were store-bought, so yes), or I didn’t have the brine at the appropriate percentages (possible, I estimated on the salt with this batch), or it can mean that the cucumbers weren’t developed enough when I used them (again, store-bought, so maybe). More than likely, it was a combination of at least 2 of these items. I’m just glad they didn’t turn to mush.


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