Pallet Project

pallet upcycling reclaimed wood raised garden planter

File this one under “more time than expected.” We wanted to make some raised planters for a garden in the backyard for as cheaply as possible, so I started the morning with gathering pallets from a local store (that had previously told me that the pallets were up for grabs). Our car could only fit 6 at a time, so I made 2 trips, but as I was leaving another person pulled up with a giant trailer behind his truck and asked me “if I was done” – there were already a lot fewer pallets back there than I was used to seeing, so I assumed he was basically going to clean them out, so I didn’t go back for a third trip. 

Pallets are a pain in the butt to take apart. Usually the wood is so old & dried out that the planks would rather split instead of separating. We ended up with 12 pallets, and I was able to take 4 apart before succumbing to sweat/ heat/ dehydration. So I’m probably not finishing this project this weekend, like I had originally planned. The most effective method seems to be using a reciprocating saw (sawzall) along the outer nails, then a pry bar to pull the middle nails, then using vice grips to pull or break those nails. Trying to just pry the planks apart has always resulted in the boards splitting. We haven’t necessarily finalized a layout for the bed, but it will be somewhat dependent on how many boards end up being usable when it’s all done.

This week blew by. Some schedule changes kinda left me confused as far as keeping track of what day it actually was. I took James to a new park that was pretty nice – though it doesn’t have any actual parking for it, so we had to park at an office building across the street and cross to a path that led to it. It kind of reminded me of the path by our old house because it had a (tiny) creek running next to the path. This new park did have a pretty fun playground though. I kind of miss having a -covered- path near the house (the one by this house is lined with shrubs but virtually no overhead cover/ shade). I’m hoping most of the grass seed out back comes in before our gender reveal party next weekend. It’ll be nice to have grass out back so Kaylee doesn’t always get covered in mud whenever it rains, but we also haven’t had a real rain here in over a month. Part of why we didn’t seed the entire yard at once was that we were hoping we’d have a few periods of rain to help compact some of our soil relocating/ yard leveling efforts. We still did a lot of grass seed at once though; it takes almost an hour for me to water all of it.


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