Small Steps

landscaping dry well french drain drainage flooding digging yard work grass seed

After healing from the last round of yard work, I did a little more today during James’ nap. This basically consisted of spreading dirt (removed from the front flower bed when it was lowered) over where pavers used to be located, tamping it down, getting it wet, and going out to buy grass seed. We know there is a TON of grass seed in our future, but we just bought a portion of it today, with the plan of spreading the cost over several paychecks, but also letting it grow in waves so that I don’t have to keep half the yard watered while simultaneously preventing a toddler & dog from destroying it. A good chunk of the grass seed that I spread out front sprouted overnight, and hopefully these little fits of rain will be enough to finish it off. 

After his nap, we let James outside to play with his water table, and it started raining a very small period of time later. The weather has been very inconsistent lately, often looking like rain without it ever coming, or like today when it seems like a nice day then out of nowhere the sky is black. We relocated his playhouse outside too, so Matt & I can go to my aunt’s house & pick up our table to bring it back & take the space where the house was. The table is our last item over there, then we’ll “officially” be moved in here.

We’re still kind of waiting for a bigger storm to hit to make sure that the drainage project was sufficient for the problem, but we’ve only really had sprinkles of rain, or so much that half the city flooded, so it’s been hard to gauge. Hopefully the soil is good now too and I can stop filling digits & tamping.


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