Outdoor Patio

landscaping sand patio pavers outdoor furniture

Another yard project is more or less done. Yesterday I dug up all the existing pavers that were spread through our front & back yard (there were over 110), with the intention of laying them out to make a detached patio so that our outdoor furniture would stop sinking into the mud. Today I took James to Home Depot and basically bought all of the remaining bags of one brand of paver sand that didn’t have holes in them. Since the pavers were already on the property, and we already have a tamper from all this yard work, the sand was the only real expense for this project. It was a fraction of the recommended number of bags for the size of the project, but I was able to get about 2″ across the area. I mostly wanted the sand to try to level the space out a bit. It ended up flatter than the yard itself, but it’s still not super flat. I didn’t really expect my first venture into this kind of project to come out immaculate, but we’ll see if I end up pulling some pavers back up to try to get it flatter down the road.

The pavers measure about 8″x16″ and look like they had been used for another project before this; some still have mortar on some edges. I started filling in from the inside, and used all the mortar-less ones, then used ones that only had mortar on one side to fill the outside edge. I ended up only about 5 short, and had to knock a couple mortar chunks off to get the rest done. The sky had gotten very dark, very quickly toward the end of this, and the sky opened up as soon as I had clicked this picture; Kaylee and I ran back inside, with me trying to grab all the remaining tools and drag them into cover.

Apparently I’m a masochist doing this much yard work this many days in a row. I will not be able to work on it much this weekend though – my body is very vocally telling me that it needs a break. Blisters, bruises, cuts, and muscles need a couple of days off.

On a side note- our citronella candle had been stored upside down during the cold months so that it didn’t fill with snow/ rain, but now that it’s warm out… the wax had melted so when I picked it up, melted wax went everywhere, so that’s what is all over the table.


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