Flower Garden

flower bed mosquito repelling plants landscaping lavender marigolds painted japanese fern

Matt & I have each put in at least 2 full days of work on the yard this week (Chris has helped when she can), but there’s still a lot more to do. This project is essentially finished though – we dug up the existing flower bed, lowered it, added some garden soil, planted new things, and mulched it. We will probably add more mulch at some time in the future, because one end looked a little lower than the other, but we want the plants to grow a bit first. We removed about 6″ of soil from the bed so that it would be flush with the sidewalk and not spilling over it, and we used the removed soil to fill low spots in the back from the drainage project (now that it has rained several times and the dug soil has compacted again). Most of the plants are lavender or marigolds, which are both supposed to be mosquito repellant plants. I’m going to grab James & head off to Home Depot soon and see if I can finish another project during his nap today.


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