Busy Weekend

tunnel playground father son family walk daddy blog

The past few days have been a whirlwind, with very little recovery time. Lots of family & yard work. The picture was taken at the bigger playground at the same park as the previous entry. Chris & I both got sunburn from the walk. Matt & I’s arms are also covered in scratches & missing chunks of skin from working on the yard, but we got done what we wanted to before the rain hit. 

We need to finalize some planning for the yard, so we can get some grass seed down, get a shed, and make some of our indoor space a little more sorted & usable again- which will make it easier to finish some of our indoor projects. We’re still kind of figuring out how we want to store things without having a garage or a basement. There’s a lot that we would love to get done before baby #2 comes in September & we need to start budgeting our time and making some progress.

I’ll hopefully be able to catch up on some sleep tonight. Everything feels like a blur right now. I would go to bed right now, but I need time to just sit and relax in a calm environment, away from people. I love everyone that I’ve been around, but it is literally exhausting for me to be constantly surrounded by people.

Avengers: Infinity War comes out this week. We’ll probably be hiding from the internet until we get to see it. It’s odd seeing how the things that I was obsessed with over 20 years ago have become huge phenomenons (ok- Star Wars was always big, but now there’s new content that’s actually worth watching).


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