Morning Walk

homestead park morning walk playground barn trains heritage rail trail

We had two days of decent weather in a row, so I took James for a walk this morning. This 44-acre park is a little over 2 miles each way from our house, and has a playground (just out of frame to the right), fishing pond, railroad cars, a wildflower area, various shelters, a covered bridge, and is right on the walking trail that goes from by our house out to Plain City. Plus I got my step count for the day before even leaving the park. 

James of course was more interested in playing with sticks than playground equipment. I finally got him into the swing (with a fistful of sticks), and he was laughing hysterically — until a little girl showed up, then he switched to “cool guy” mode and couldn’t be seen laughing & having fun with his dad anymore. He got down & went over to her & she gave him this mean mug face and asked “why does he have sticks” in this really disgusted tone, and I said “because he likes playing with them.” She walked away, and James went off to find more sticks. He handled rejection well ;P

After that, it’s been a busy day of chores; dishes, trash, recycling, laundry, laundry, and more laundry. In an occurrence that hasn’t happened since the wedding, both sets of our parents might be in town this weekend. Her parents come in tomorrow because her dad has some job interviews, and my mom & stepdad are moving back from Texas (but I have no idea what day they will get to town). Sadly, it’s supposed to rain all weekend; it would be perfect patio weather.


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