Zoo Goose

canada goose nest zoo mama bird eggs goslings

Today is one of the first dry days this year that also had a decent temperature (though it was extremely windy), so I took James to the zoo to get out of the house for a while. Per usual, the most cooperative animals for the camera are the ones that aren’t even technically on display. I almost walked right by this, even though it was only a few feet away from my face. I was surprised how close to the path the nest was (& even more surprised that she didn’t seem angry about me being that close). 

James’ favorite part of the trip was watching an elephant eat right up against the path. Several parts of the zoo were still closed for the season, and several others were under construction. I was surprised how many people were there for a weekday (during the school year). James also had his first Dippin’ Dots & his reaction was hilarious.

We cleaned out our guest room. We might have multiple couch crashers in the near future, depending on how several things line up, and we got a new couch for said crashing. James started being able to reach light switches unassisted (but only turning on, he can’t reach to turn it back off yet). He also made his first painting (he even used brushes) at COSI last weekend.


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