In the Doghouse

toddler in dog kennel fort playhouse

Sometimes it’s more fun to play with dog things than your own.
Sometimes you give yourself your first black eye. 

He’s still in the kennel now, eating his veggie straws (he’s been in there almost an hour). He’s in a stage where he loves forts/ hiding areas. He can’t actually work the latch, so he’s just keeping the door pulled closed. We only use this kennel for Kaylee when we -all- leave the house (and there are no other dogs here). She would be fine without it, but she can be a very anxious dog and if we leave her out, she would think that we forgot her, and get stressed out & cry. Plus going to the kennel means she gets the “good” cookies. She’s been standing around staring at him trying to figure out why he’s in “jail” (she’s trained so that when we tell her to “go to jail” she goes inside it). Plus she’d rather be nesting on our bed but Chris is in there working from home today and shut her out for a conference call.

James had a play date with Lilly yesterday at COSI because her dad has the week off to watch her while her mom is out of town, but we barely got to see each other, because they wanted to play in different areas. While in one of the play areas, James went to turn & run without looking, & tripped over an adult’s foot that was right behind him, and punched himself in the eye on the way down. The bar in the picture covers the darker parts. He recovered in about a minute, and screamed worse when it was time to leave.

I have a follow up appointment in about an hour to go pick up my new night guard (they all raved that my mouth was surprisingly clean, but I did have numerous signs that I grind my teeth while I sleep). After that, I may swing by my aunt’s & pick up the 15 gallons of homebrew that I’ve been neglecting to bottle. I’ve been putting it off because it’s a hassle to carry the carboys up a flight of stairs, secure them so they won’t fall over in the car (if they fell over, the airlock would likely come out and then my car would just be soaked in gallons of beer), and then drive at a crawl to try to disturb them as little as possible (sloshing introduces oxygen, which oxidizes the beer, which is bad). The guy that I used to homebrew with lives near my aunt, and I had originally been wanting to just bottle at his place, but our schedules don’t line up, and this is something I’ve already been putting off since New Year’s Day. If I make the trip, the only thing left over there would be our desk/table, which I need a second person to help with (too awkward, too many tight turns & tight fits to try solo).


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