Assembling the Well

dig trench irrigation dry well flooded yard

Chris worked from home today & didn’t have many meetings, so I was able to finish this today. 

The dry well was bigger than I expected, by just a couple of inches, but it still took a while to make the hole that much bigger. It ended up being just shy of 3′ deep and about 2 1/2′ across. With the trip to Home Depot for the landscape fabric, the extra digging, assembling the pieces, & refilling the hole, I spent about 4 hours on this today. The well is supposed to hold 50 gallons, and then if it fills, there’s a pipe (the big white thing in the photo) to carry excess to a part of the yard that doesn’t drain (the end of the trench). We won’t really know if this is “enough” until the next big storm tears through. Worst case scenario, we buy another well, I partially dig up this one, along with another hole, and we connect the two together & see if that holds enough water.

I don’t have all the dirt compacted down, but i was covered in mud, and sore, and it was done. The extra dirt from where the well was should also help by raising the level of that part of the yard. I also left out the larger sized rocks that I unearthed. The biggest one is currently marking the rough point where the center of the well is (where soil is most shallow, since the lid angles up towards the center).

I think James is starting to adapt to daylight savings time. He’s awake now (just started making noise), which is almost a full 2 hours earlier than he woke up from his nap yesterday. I’m going to go get him & hang out with him, since I’ve barely seen him today.


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