THIS Little Thing

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It’s been one of those days that I ended up doing some things that I never imagined doing. If you don’t recognize the item pictured above, it’s the dongle that goes inside of a Fitbit band. It has a series of lights that show your progress towards your daily step goal. It’s about as long as a quarter is wide. Earlier I wanted to see if I was working on my second dot yet, but nothing lit up… not super uncommon, so I grab it firmly to try again. Wait – why does the band feel squishy?

I was wearing an empty band. I have a 2 year old and a dog.

Granted, the dog is absolutely amazing and virtually never eats anything unless we directly give it to her (some random cheerio & goldfish dropped by James aside). James doesn’t really put random things in his mouth either, but there could always be an exception, and it’s not like he could tell me. He knows a lot of words and can parrot a lot of things, but helping daddy find a missing item is still a ways down the road.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t charge it last night, so I knew that I didn’t leave it on the chargers. I specifically remember it vibrating when I hit my step goal last night. The dongle had never come out before. I had briefly taken it off once, so I checked that room. Nothing. But- James access to the room. I checked his usual stash spots. His hardware cabinet was empty. His mailbox was empty. The lid was closed to his toy box. It wasn’t in the bathroom. It didn’t look like it had fallen into the trash. It wasn’t under the cushion of either of the chairs that I frequent.

The fitbit doesn’t make noise. It’s not like my iPhone where I can log onto a website and tell it to have my phone make noise, even if it’s on silent. But, it does have some vibration options. I opened the fitbit app, made note of the step count, and set it to vibrate when receiving a phone call. I asked Chris to call my phone repeatedly (as much as she was able at work). It would’ve been easier if we were both home, so we could potentially be listening for vibrating for two rooms at once. But, this whole solution also hinges on it being on top of or against a hard surface. I doubt that I’d hear it if it was on our area rug.

My phone starts ringing, and I silence it, so that the vibration sound from my phone won’t drown out the vibration sound from the dongle. Nothing in the kitchen area. It rings again, nothing on the other side of our front room. Nothing in James’ room (it looked suspicious because he shut the door). Nothing in our bathroom (did it somehow get flushed? No, the plumbing definitely would’ve taken it out of range). Nothing in our room (which currently has his house playlet, until it gets warmer outside, another popular stash for items). I’m not convinced that he didn’t find it yet, as I remember when he pulled my note for myself off of our carport door a few weeks ago and I didn’t see it again until about a week later, even though I had thoroughly searched for it too. I head to our tv room & mute the movie that I had on for James (his current obsession is Boss Baby).  My phone rings and I don’t hear anything, but then James starts making some fussy noises.

Is it because I muted his show or because he feels something funny in him? I had barely even let the guy out of my sight all morning. I put my hands around his stomach & gently squeeze in a little as my phone starts ringing again, but I don’t hear or feel anything. I tell Chris that she can stop calling because I’d checked every room at this point. I check the Fitbit app again, and… the step count changed.

The Fitbit had moved, multiple times, since I started looking for it. Wherever it was hiding, it was moving.

I grab James, and pick him up & down a few times & refresh the app. No change. I pick him up again, and hold him like a baby and turn him back & forth. He thinks this is hilarious & wants more, but no step change. My brain starts wondering what kind of condition it might be in after digestion – if the sensors would break down, or if the body would recognize it as something odd and just kind of pass it… I turn & see that Kaylee followed me into the room and laid down under one of the coffee tables.

I tell Kaylee to come with me (which she’s more than willing to do, as I had pulled a pizza out of the oven before I started this frantic search) and run to the front room. I refresh the app again, no change. I grab a piece of pizza & head back to our bedroom. Kaylee follows. I’m about to use the pizza as bribery to have her jump on & off the bed a few times (if it is in her stomach, maybe it’s angled in a way that it only senses movement on a certain axis), but I decide to check the bed first (plus she likes laying in it with muddy feet so I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be climbing into a bed full of dirt crumbs later). Nothing in the blanket, but then… I move the pillow. And I see the dongle. Centered almost perfectly under it.

There’s a chance that James found it & put it there & put the pillow over it, but I think it’s more likely that I somehow wrestled it out of the band while I slept last night. I slept like a rock (as my Fitbit sleep tracker showed, I had far less movement than normal.. but I guess that also makes sense if the dongle came out partway through the night). Apparently the step count had gone up from the vibrations it made from the phone calls.

So that’s the story of how I spent an hour today running around wondering how digestion effects Fitbits & trying to play with my son & dog in a way to see if it made my step count go up.


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