Quick Coat Rack

coat rack quick project woodworking leftover wood

Chris wanted a coat rack at the carport entrance, so I made one.

I picked up the hooks at Home Depot last night and used leftover wood & stain from other projects. I’m pretty sure the wood is a scrap from making our pantry’s barn door, which would be the same project that the stain is from. The stain is a 50/50 mix of Minwax’s Ebony and Classic Gray colors (though this pic hides a lot of the wood detail). I mixed them in a spare tiny mason jar and used a rusted lid that I wouldn’t use for food anymore. I was aiming to match to the barn door, since this is on the wall opposite it. While I had the stain mixed, I also put some on the wood of our bay window, aiming to tie the room together a little more. It still needs some trim or something to cover exposed drywall edges. I have no idea why they didn’t just have the wood extend out an extra half inch so that the wood would extend over the edge & be flush with the wall’s surface.

Tip: don’t start a project involving wood stain without making sure that there’s some olive oil around. “Washing” your hands with the oil removes the stain from skin, but then follow that up with a regular wash, so that the soap can remove the oil.


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