No Digging Yesterday

snowy window houseplants weather change of plans

Snow. I’m not surprised, because snow never fully stops until around mid-April. I reasoned that if it was cold enough to snow, then it was too cold for me to want to dig. Glancing at the forecast, my next digging day will probably be Saturday. I might be able to finish what’s left in one go, but it’ll likely be 2 sessions. We still have about a week before our dry well gets delivered anyways. We opted for this one, which will be located at the part of our yard that floods the most, with a 20′ run of this leading away from it (at a slightly downward angle) to a part of our yard that doesn’t flood, for if the tank ever overfills. 

So, instead of digging, I packed James up & we went off to Home Depot to grab some things. I got the screws I needed, and now most of the drywall for the closet is cut & attached (no ceiling though). I also picked up a couple of Wandering Jews for Chris, after she made a comment about wanting some recently. Up until yesterday, I would’ve had no idea that the previous sentence was about houseplants. Yes, that’s really the it’s name. I also picked up an axe to help with some of the stumps leftover from our deforesting project when we moved in. They’re small, and easy to miss, and we don’t want to be stepping on them or tripping over them anymore.

James somehow ended up with a scrape on the side of his big toe, and after wrestling him to get a bandaid on it, he spent most of the rest of the day walking around (only on his heel – the rest of his foot pointed in the air), exclaiming “it’s stuck” and “my toe” over and over. I thought that getting socks on would help him forget about the bandaid, but he took them off as soon as I wasn’t looking. The bandaid surprisingly lasted until his bath, and there’s a good scab there now, and it doesn’t seem to be bothering him. He did like getting his shoes on for the Home Depot trip though. Shoes mean that we’re going somewhere, which is fun, therefore he likes shoes. There have been a couple of times that he got particularly stir crazy this winter and placed his shoes by the carport door, saying “car” and “go.”

I have my first dentist appointment in about 15 years in an hour. Chris is working from home today, so I don’t have to worry about toddler-wrangling while I’m in the chair. I’m not sure if I’m going to work on house stuff during his nap today or not – it’ll probably depend on how busy Chris is. I’m almost starting to feel caught up on sleep, after getting pretty behind for a couple of weeks. The digging probably helped.



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