Our Lakefront Home

french drain irrigation flooding yard dry well

This is a picture that I took in our back yard about a week ago, after several days of heavy flooding. Our yard hasn’t done this many times since we moved in (and this is the worst we’ve seen), but we want to correct it now, before we do any improvements to the yard (thankfully the house is on a slab so there’s no basement flooding happening).  

I started digging a trench tonight. I dug for an hour, and ended up with a hole about 5′ long, 18″ wide and knee deep. I’m aiming for about 20′ long, 18″ wide and at least 2′ deep, so I’ll be busy during James’ naps this week. I want to get this done while the soil is still soft and wet.

As far as the closet from my previous post goes, I ended up putting the door in first, and then got enough drywall up to keep James out of it (& splinter free) before I ran out of screws, so I’ll finish it after the digging is done (I’ll get more screws when I go buy the filler for the ditch). I may also be buying materials for a raised garden on that trip, conveniently using that soil I’ll be digging up.

Free time, what’s that?


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