Closet Building

closet building carpentry renovation project

Our house was listed as a 4 bedroom, even though one of the rooms didn’t have a closet (but I think the county has it listed as a 3 bedroom because of this). We were going to use it as a TV room anyways (James is holding the Blu-Ray remote), but knew that we would want to build one in there at some point. Not having a basement, and with some other projects coming up, we decided that now was the time to get some extra storage, even if we only end up putting the Christmas tree in there. 

I had intended for this to be posted yesterday, but I either forgot how to count, or how to read, because I was a couple of 2x4s short. They were on my cut list, but I managed to not notice them every single time that I counted and recounted. Then, after I got back from my late night run to Home Depot, all three Ryobi batteries died on me (I only needed to do 2 more screws…), so I just finished the framing this morning. It’s not “finished” yet – it still needs a 2×4 on each end underneath the 2×6, and it still needs attached into the concrete slab foundation, but I’m not going to play with gunpowder while James is in there. Ideally I’ll finish framing it all in & get drywall on it during his nap today. *IF* there’s still time after all that, I might mess with the door too, but everything takes at least twice as long as I think it will, so I don’t have high hopes for getting that far. Between this and the hallway bathroom, I have a lot of mud work to do in the near future.


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