SCOBY Dooby Do

kombucha scoby tea fermentation

My SCOBY grew! I started with 1Cup of commercial kombucha & added 1Cup of sweet tea. It took just over 2 weeks for this lil guy to form. I’m pretty sure this batch is just vinegar at this point, so I made some sweat tea and am waiting for it to cool so I can transfer the SCOBY into it & start my first batch of kombucha. I also want to give it more sugar to eat to encourage growth and try to avoid any stagnation. I know this isn’t the “preferred” way of obtaining one, but I wanted to try it before exploring other avenues. Worst case scenario, I’ve wasted a few tablespoons of loose leaf tea and sugar. 

Chris was excited to see that the Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast actually grew because she’s been craving kombucha lately. It’s one of the things that calms her stomach down (the other being just doing a shot of apple cider vinegar). I’m not going to bother bottling such a small amount, but if this works I might look into getting a beverage dispenser to start a continuous batch. How it tastes flat might also be a factor, since I think we’ve both only drank carbonated kombucha up until this point. But I also hate bottling. I have beer (15 gallons) at my aunt’s house that I meant to bottle at New Year’s but keep putting it off because I don’t want to buy bottles (it’d probably be about $75 for that many), and I hate bottling. To be more specific, I hate siphoning. Or, it hates me. Something always goes wrong.

The drywall is up in the hall bath but I haven’t done any mud yet. I should start on the tile for the shower area but might opt to assemble our patio table & James’ play slide that’s been sitting in the carport since his birthday because its been too cold to use. Now it’s warmer, but it’s too wet to use. We’re going to have them come mark the yard for utility lines so we can figure out where to put a dry well to hopefully drain the lake. I’ll probably have to dig out at least a cubic yard of dirt, so I might as well do it while it’s nice and soft.


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