Zoo Weather

polar bear cub columbus zoo

Today was both warm enough and dry enough to venture outside of the house with James, to do something that wasn’t indoors. 

I was debating between going for a walk in the neighborhood (we live right next to the start of the Heritage Rail Trail), or heading to the zoo (their shortened winter hours don’t have them opening until 10am). James normally goes down for a nap between 1&2, but if we’re at the zoo or on a walk he usually turns purple eyed & starts putting his head down between 11&11:30, but if we get him home he magically wakes back up and still goes down at his normal time (assuming he didn’t sleep in the car – if that happens, he won’t nap at all). The picture is either of Neva (NEE-vah) or Nuniq (NEW-nick), I’m not sure which, but is about 15 months old. The twins & mommy were all out in the water today. I took a lot of pictures, but only took my manual lens and almost all of them came out just a hair out of focus.

With the weather changing, and hopefully staying this way for a while, there’s a chance there might be a streak of non-food posts. We grossly overestimated how much we eat, and are still eating soups from the last round of cooking (rotating leftovers in & out of freezer). There’s a ton of housework to do too now that I can do a lot of the stuff without my hands going numb (but still limited to James’ naps to work with daylight). I’ve felt boring & unproductive lately, so I’m looking forward to getting somethings crossed off the to-do list. It feels like James has been saying a new word almost every day, but I’m not convinced if he’s getting better at parrot-ing words he hears or if he’s retaining them. He definitely gets in moods where he won’t talk at all, and other words only come out with certain contexts if a certain movie is on.


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