Peet’s Colombia Luminosa

peet's colombia luminosa light roast coffee cold hot brew taste test.jpg

Another light roast, another cold vs hot brew battle.
Same beans, same temperature, same serving vessel, different brewing temperatures.
This round: Peet’s Colombia Luminosa.

As usual, cold brew goes first. It smells light, slightly sweet and ready, kind of like biscuits and honey, with cherry & tobacco hiding in the background. It’s an intricate aroma and I kept going back to it. The taste is cherry forward, some notes of black tea, and hints of bread remain with a light roastiness. It has a medium feel, bigger than most cold brew’s I’ve done (it’s not “coffee water”). There’s a sweetness on the tongue but finishes dry.

Hot brew has stronger roast & bread aromas, no sweet notes, but hiding in the distance are whispers of peach, cherry & apricot. The taste is almond heavy, with medium roast, some earthiness & smokey qualities work come through with a slightly bitter finish. It’s medium bodied, just slightly bigger than the cold brew, but there’s a noticeable astringency in the finish. The flavor here is bolder, but not nearly as complex.

Cold brew wins this round. I don’t look for “coffee milkshakes” or anything in my java. The only times I would even consider adding sugar or milk would be if I end up drinking something akin to Folger’s Instant and need to mask the battery acid qualities to make it swallowable (this hasn’t happened since I had to operate a 40,000 sq ft store/ donation & volunteer center by myself & had to be in no less than 3 places at the same time for 8 hour stretches). That said, I prefer the sweet notes that balance out the cold brew over the (albeit small) notes of smoke, bitterness & astringency in the hot. Cold brew wins almost across the board here. Better flavor, aroma, and body. It also just comes across as more complex. I wanted to keep drinking it & exploring it. The hot brew didn’t feel as inviting. Though, hot brew still wins for convenience sake, since it does not require planning ahead for a minimum of 12 hours.


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