Wok This Way

leftover pork fried rice

Leftover night! I pulled out the pork leftover from this recipe and threw it in our largest pan (we don’t actually have a wok). Once the pan was hot, I added two eggs, and mixed it into the meat, then topped it with a bag of mixed frozen vegetables, added a dash of soy sauce, and transferred to this bowl. We had a wild rice mix in the rice cooker, and when the meat came out, the rice went in with a little Hoisin sauce, just mixing enough to combine the sauce & rice. Now we have leftovers of our leftovers, but it will be easy lunches.

We almost have enough room in the fridge for all the soup we plan on making. Our peppers are bubbling along now. The bigger jar is slightly overfilled, and I’ve had to wipe some escaped juice off the top. That jar is now sitting in a bowl in case it gets worse. I’m hesitant to open the container and actually remove anything because I don’t want to expose them to air.


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