Homemade Hot Sauce

lactic acid fermented hot pepper sauce

Chris got me fermentation weights for my birthday! Combined with the fermentation lids & mason jars that I already had, I’m ready to try to start some ferments. I’ve been really wanting to try it since I read this book. 

I wanted to try pickles for my first batch but I was limited by what the local grocery store had in stock. No mini cucumbers. I picked up a head of cabbage to attempt some sauerkraut, and a bunch of random hot peppers. I grossly overestimated how many peppers I would need. I bought 3 anaheim, 3 poblano, 3 habanero, 3 serrano, and 10 jalapeño. I sliced them thinly, tossed them into a gallon size ziplock bag, and kneaded until they were all pretty well bruised and liquid was coming out. I sprinkled about 1tsp of salt in the bag mid-chopping. They’re gonna sit in the jar for a while, and when I think they’re ready, they’re going to go into the food processor to make more of a sauce texture. There’s also a chance that my jars are a bit overfilled. And another chance that this will be too hot for anyone but me to eat.



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