Future Projects

briar olive wood tobacco pipe project blank woodworking

These are some wood blanks that I recently picked up for some future projects. The darker one is briar, and the other two are olive (formerly one piece that I cut in half). The current plan is that they’ll be pipes, but that may change. I’ve been debating whether I want to invest in a drill press for making the chamber & airway. There’s also a question of if I would want to try to find a cheap lathe for making stems, or if I would want to try to shape everything by hand. Basically since these pieces aren’t pre-drilled, the work would have to be extremely precise. 

I haven’t done any real cooking since the ice cream. We’ve been living off leftovers & storing up food for James’ party tomorrow. We have an idea that we think sounds fun, so we’ll see how it gets executed. Next week is likely to have 3 soup entries. The in-laws should be here within the next half hour or so to stay with us for the weekend. I’m heading to Winter Beerfest with my father in law tonight. We’re aiming to be functional tomorrow.

I’m currently sitting here waiting on Amazon to drop off my super glue. My glasses died, and I’ve been trying to use my old pair until the new pair is finished, but they’re making me pretty headachey, so I’m just gonna glue the current pair together and hope they last. We were sure that we had some glue around from when we were playing Warmachine & Hordes pretty regularly, but it seems like we ran out or it got lost in the move.


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