Pork Ramen Noodle Soup

crockpot caramelized pork ramen noodle soup with curry roasted acorn squash

As promised, another crockpot meal. This recipe took a bit more work than most of the ones I’ve done lately. The hardest part, by far, was cubing the acorn squash & I have a blister on my finger to prove it. It was worth it though. This dish was amazing. If you’re at all interested, you really need to make it. This is definitely one of the best things I’ve ever made.

The only downside to the dish was my own error; the mushrooms weren’t as cooked as they should have been, because I forgot that the crockpot needed to stay on once the pork came out, and I flipped it off and lost a lot of heat before I realized my mistake. My wife gave me sad puppy eyes when she tried the squash, and I feel like it’s going to be in regular rotation around here now.

I plotted out another food project (my first dessert post) for the near future & need to figure out when the weather will let me get to Whole Foods for the ingredients. I either have to leave after I click publish on this, or do it Wednesday evening if I want it finished for the weekend. I’m leaning towards tonight, because even though the weather isn’t great, it could change and always end up worse if I put it off. Plus it gives me something to do during James’ nap tomorrow.

In related news, he dropped his first F-bomb today. I accidentally poked myself with a knife (not related to this recipe) & he parroted me. The little guy turns 2 next week. Time to start more actively watching what we say…


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