Sunday Salad

cucumber green pepper celery salad snack fridge cleanout

Today we had an emphasis on getting stuff done around the house & getting ready for next weekend. When I got back from Home Depot, Chris & I had lunch together, doing round 1 of fridge clean-out for meals. 

I’m sticking to not cooking today, since we have several leftovers to choose from, but we did have some aging veggies that I didn’t want to see get any older, so I whipped up this little salad to serve as a side as we reclaim our Tupperware. It consists of:

  • 1 (peeled & seeded) cucumber
  • 1 green bell pepper
  • 1 bunch celery (I did not include the innermost yellow stalks)

I diced the ingredients, then tossed them in a little lime juice, sea salt & cilantro. It tastes good, provides a nice texture that a lot of microwaved leftovers lack, and is filling but adds almost no calories to the meal.

I’m sad that the Home Depot gift cards are already gone, but I can proudly say that there is no longer a giant tangle of cords coming out of the wall in our mudroom (at least not visibly). Our entire house was wired to be internet/ cable ready, and the wire for each room was coming out of the wall in one giant bundle together. I cut the wires shorter (they were 6′-8′ each) and built a little cabinet to house them. It was my first time ever attempting to build something like that. It went quicker than I expected, but I was aiming for functional, not pretty. The handle for our crockpot lid also broke this morning as I was cleaning it, so I picked up a replacement because I plan on using it tomorrow.

Time for round 2 of leftovers!


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