Crockpot Carne Asada Nachos

crockpot carne asada nachos guacamole dinner

Another crockpot meal, this time a variation on the recipe found here

We used different meat and Negra Modelo for the beer (I thought it would add a nice richness for this winter day). The meat we had on hand was a 1/2lb flank steak and 1lb of (boneless) pork rib that was cut into strips before applying the rub and transferring to the crock pot. I attempted to pan sear it after the fact (skipping the broil step), but it was pretty soft by that point and kinda just served to shred the meat up (& dirty a pan). The tomatoes were mixed into the avocado, with fresh minced garlic added to make it more of a guacamole mixture, and the batch size was doubled (the main reason for this was to use up veggies in the fridge). I kept the guac non-spicy for the off chance that James might be willing to let in his mouth. So far, he hasn’t. We skipped the chips, cheese & sour cream, and just kinda had a meat pile & a guac pile on a plate, mixing the two with each forkful. It tasted great & they complemented each other well, but we both had pretty small portions after indulging on some Arby’s for lunch… oops. Tomorrow is gonna be a “leftovers” day, with plenty to choose from!


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