Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken

slow cooker honey garlic chicken dinner recipe

I made this recipe for dinner tonight. 

I knew I was going to be cooking tonight, but forgot to pick a recipe last night, so the meat was still frozen this morning. The thaw time threw off my schedule a little bit, so I still had a little left to do when Chris walked through the door. I was aiming to have just finished eating when she walked in so that I could feed James while she grabbed a plate.

After the soup and other healthier things I’ve been cooking lately, it felt weird cooking something that’s basically just meat. It just means that we have to control our portions a bit better. We both felt it would be good with rice or bread, but neither of us wanted the extra carbs/calories tonight. There’s going to be a ton of leftovers.

This recipe is pretty straightforward & simple (no substitutions this time). The most time consuming part was shredding our massive chicken breasts once they were cooked to temperature in the crockpot. It tasted great, but it felt like it was missing just a little something to make it a little more complex. I’m not sure what I would change though. It has more of a teriyaki feel than what I would consider “honey garlic.” I tried adding a little mustard to one bite, and lime juice to another, and they both seemed like improvements. More crushed red pepper could work too. Another option might be doubling the sauce and adding a bunch of veggies in at the end (cooked but still firm). This would probably be the first change I try, as the veggies would give it some texture, and help some with nutrition aspects as well.


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