Fancy Fixed

lights electrical renovation troubleshooting

Done! Today marks the official end of all work that we’re paying to have completed as part of our home renovation loan, meaning that everything uncompleted at this point is our fault. Now we just have to have the bank come say “yes the work is done” and hopefully that’s that.

I lost track of how many visits electricians have made here. Our house was a jumble when we bought it. The previous owners were doing a massive addition to it, but from what we’ve been able to gather from neighbors & city workers, the husband got sick & died partway through the project, and because of medical bills & whatnot, she didn’t have the money to finish it and it fell into foreclosure. Not the ideal way for us to get an amazing home of our own.

Leaving the house partially completed left a lot of questions – wires were poking out of the exterior of our house, switches seemed to be in odd places, excessive numbers of recessed lights were added (ten just in our bedroom) and every single room was wired for internet/ cable (even the mudroom, the master walk-in closet, and the master bath). The most time consuming quirk was actually something that was a big selling point on the house to my wife – the giant jetted tub in the master bath. The button did nothing. On top of that, when they built the master bath (the entire “master” section of the house was part of the addition, along with another bedroom and the mudroom), they never made an access panel to the tub area.

The most recent electrician they sent out was their specialist at figuring out other people’s old work. A lot of electricians that I’ve come across strongly dislike having to figure out other people’s work (mistakes), but this guy loves it & just sees it as a big puzzle. He managed to get a vast majority of it done on his last visit, but there just wasn’t enough time in the day, so there were still a few remaining quirks. Then the holidays came. So today was the first time he was able to return. He thought he found a simple fix up in our attic, but it ended up not working. While he was fixing something else, I got a tape measure & started mapping out where walls connected, to see if we could get at it from the other side. It turns out that most of the length of the tub runs along the wall of our master closet – which has a giant U-shaped Ikea Pax system along three walls. Long story short, we were able to unattach one cabinet, pull it out, and he was able to make an access hole and reach in and find the GFCI for the tub (which was conveniently located as if this had always been the intended spot for the access panel), so now we have a hole in our closet, but, access is required by code anyways, so the only thing we might do is attach a pretty cover to it.


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