Soup’s On

clean soup magic mineral broth one pot meal rebecca katz

I got this book for Christmas this year (I think my wife is even more excited about it than I am). Cracking it open helped highlight some essentials that our kitchen was lacking, so after some page flipping we modified our grocery list and set off to make a few recipes. 

My wife and I have both started trying to take better care of our bodies, but also have a strong emphasis on not breaking the bank, so if we can pick up some fresh veggies and turn them into multiple meals, it’s a victory. The recipes in this book are all from scratch, and many of them also have ingredients that are only likely to be found at specialty or Asian markets. For our first few outings, we’re going to ignore those items or find substitutions (for the recipes we pick, they aren’t the main attraction, but this lets us dive on in).

Tonight is date night, so no soup for us, but the recipes call for one of the broths listed earlier in the book, so today I am making that. I flipped on some Explosions in the Sky, and poured a cup of cold brew and got started. I’m not posting the recipe here, because it isn’t mine, but you can see all the ingredients in the picture (although without spices added and after my substitutions/ exclusions). When it’s done some will be refrigerated and some will be frozen, so it can be made into dinners for the rest of the week.

It felt good taking up our entire island with veggies and going through the process of cutting and washing them. The space to do this at our old house simply did not exist. I would’ve had to prepare everything on our dining room table and then transfer everything, walking back & forth between the dining room & kitchen the whole time. While this would have helped with my step goal for the day, it also would’ve made the prep time significantly longer.


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