Mountain Room

nursery toddler room painted mountains scenery

It’s been an expensive couple of weeks. We had to get James a new big-kid bed (he calls it his “cool bed” – that’s its canopy in the foreground), we ordered 5 ceiling fans (one for each bedroom & one for front room), a whole lotta paint and a bunch of other smaller projects that just add up quickly (electrical, vent covers, new attic entry cover, etc). We painted mountains in his room using the same mixing method as the trees (see previous post), and we used the same wall color in both rooms. This helps the house have some “unity” but also saved us from buying another gallon. I used this pin as a loose reference when I was taping the mountains off. I rolled them as close as I could then Chris went in and tidied them up & connected the lines. Some (or all?) of them will probably get snow-capped at some point (we might also rough up the edges to make them less cartoony), but I’m satisfied calling it “done” for now. James room is almost the first *complete* room in our house – I just need to fix the dimmer and get a flooring transition strip down. The nursery isn’t far behind but it has more electrical that I want to play with (we’re getting rid of the ancient ugly almond stuff thats throughout the entire house and switching to white).


Forest Room

nursery toddler room painted forest scenery

We almost have the nursery all put together & ready for the little one. This room was ghastly painted in Ohio State colors when we bought it, but the combination of glowing scarlet walls (you can see a tiny speck by the uncovered outlet) & gray trim did nothing for us. We’d browsed Pinterest for a while and I believe this pin was the inspiration for it (I’m not sure which one Chris was looking at when she taped it off – but she wanted more of a “rolling hills” look). I rolled out the basic hill shapes when I was doing the wall painting, but Chris & her mom did all the tree work. For the paint we picked a wall color and an accent color, then used mason jars to mix the 2 other colors ourselves. The “furthest” wave of trees is 2/3 wall color and 1/3 accent color, then the middle wave is the reverse. Mixing it ourselves eliminated the frustration of trying to find perfect “in-between” colors at Home Depot.

Honestly the mural makes me a little nostalgic about being in Athens in the fall (it’s the start of the Appalachia region, and is basically surrounded by Wayne National Forest), which then makes me realize that with the baby coming, we probably aren’t going to get to see much of fall this year. I just google image searched “Wayne National Forest autumn” & James glanced at the screen and said “wowww.”

Blood Rage – Troll

cool mini or not cmon painting blood rage adrian smith troll

The last of the large base monsters is the Troll. This is my favorite of the four (paint-wise, I don’t even know from memory what their actual in-game abilities are). I’m going to do the boats next, followed by the small base monsters, then I’ll start on the actual clans. There’s no real reason for my order other than just what I feel like painting, and I want to paint water now, not armor. Four down, fifty five to go.

Blood Rage – Fire Giant

cool mini or not cmon painting blood rage adrian smith fire giant.jpg

Third, I did the Fire Giant. I don’t hate it as much as the Frost Giant, but i still feel an aversion to it when I look at it. I’ll probably go back & try to bring more of the “gold” out in the armor, and if I’m feeling patient, maybe try to look up examples of how to make something look like it’s glowing from heat, instead of just doing it on the fly from my head.

Blood Rage – Frost Giant

cool mini or not cmon painting blood rage adrian smith frost giant

Another Blood Rage monster. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with the bases yet – but have been leaning towards just plain black. When I get around to actually doing all the troops, I’ll probably paint them in their clan’s base color (or as close to it as I have).

I’m not impressed with this one. It’s definitely my least favorite out of the 4 monsters I have done at this point and I’m not entirely sure why. I think I feel like the torso is a bit “busy” and it’s hard to get details out of. Maybe I need to go back to it at some point and try to clean more lines up. I don’t know.

Blood Rage -Sea Serpent

cool mini or not cmon painting blood rage adrian smith sea serpent

We have some minature painting stuff from when we were getting into Warmachine / Hordes a few years ago (before we had James). Painting the figures was something that I did to stay awake to give James his middle-of-the-night feeding (then Chris would do the first-thing-in-the-morning feeding and we both get pretty normal amounts of sleep). As James got bigger, it was harder to invest the time into it, then as he became mobile, the idea of trying to play a game with tons of fragile pieces over a large play area became less & less realistic.

I’d been missing the painting aspect of WarmaHordes lately, but we still don’t really play it, and most of what we have is painted at this point. We also have a number of board games that come with monsters and/or characters, that are usually just generic plastic. Blood Rage is one of those games. It’s sort of like Risk on steroids and with power ups, with a Ragnarok setting. As an added bonus, the artist is one I liked from back when I played Magic: the Gathering in middle school. For whatever reason I decided that this would be the first (board) game that I would attempt to paint (after grabbing a WarmaHordes model & trying to touch it up and shake some of the rust off my painting ability).

This is the Sea Serpent monster, for reference the base is about 1 3/4″ across, and was the first one I painted. I didn’t file any of the flashing (extra plastic from the mold) off of this one and it shows in a few areas (several teeth have “balls” at the top & don’t come to a point, and several tentacles kinda have a “fin” along an edge). I’m trying to keep the color palette to match the art on the corresponding game card.

Picked a Peck of Pickles

homemade lacto fermented pickles dill pickling spice

Pickles. So many pickles. I’ve been trying to casually eat several a day, but they’re still growing faster than they’re being eaten. They’ll keep in the fridge long term, but I was hoping to not have to dedicate an entire shelf to them. I’ve been spicing batches differently – some with more of an African pickling spice mix, some classic dill, some spicy, etc, but they all end up together in these bins. You can tell by looking (more yellow.. it’s stained under my fingernails) that the top & bottom left containers have turmeric, while the most of the pickles in the container on the right do not (some are still greenish). Again, some are partially frozen due to fridge being weird lately. They all taste wonderful, and we’ve only lost one batch to mold so far (entire jar developed this half-set-jello consistency), but there’s also plenty more cucumbers growing out in the garden. I’m still getting about 2 quarts worth every other day. I’ve cut back on the other stuff lately though so that the pickles get the airlock lids & weights to themselves (I only have 3 lids & 4 weights), to help reduce risk of mold. I’ve found that the “spear” cut on them helps them ferment quickly, but also helps pack a jar tightly, whereas slices can sometimes get around the weights & float to the top, and whole pickles just don’t pack well / leave too many gaps & take too long.